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In the Multitude of Mercy

To make a breakfast of first light.
The lake parades its silk. Eyes
become the conduit for reeds and myth.

Orange behaves like winter fruit, the burst
undressing the air, a spill, a sprawl, a spray.
Your breath keeps March arriving on the calendar.

Shadow finds its night, shifting shape
as the press of loss extends its shiv
into my bone. Yes, this too in the symmetry.

Her ash interred, earth-mingled, leaks
into the ambient soil of Bouchard Gardens.
A woman hears a crackle in the now of snow,

a sudden morning, iris, purple-crowned.
Weather passes through on its way to everywhere.
Venus bends her light for at least a billion years.


Peggy Aylsworth
Copyright 2011  

Peggy Aylsworth is a retired psychotherapist who lives in Santa Monica, CA with her poet husband, Norm Levine. Her poetry has appeared in Beloit Poetry Journal, The MacGuffin, Chiron Review, Ars Interpres (Sweden), Rattle, and numerous other literary journals throughout the U.S. and abroad. Her work is upcoming in Poetry Salzburg Review

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