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The Space Long-distance Occupies

I had a strange moment in the kitchen:

            shroud of red wine on the tongue
            wicked spring fever
            and no sex

what is a house without a maid?

            This is no love song. We live like an image.
            This is no French cinema
                        but unbutton and throw me to the Seine.
            Merci             said in every language.

The mop         dustpan         brillo in my hand
drops.             A man             I have known
walks             into every door
I close.           My ear
hurts.             It would be all right
if I could
pull my right hand to my heart

if I could pledge my own allegiance—

I wrinkle a leaf between my index finger and thumb.
I pace the Oriental.
The canary-love dies in the cave’s cave-in.
The space long-distance occupies—
            I mean
            the situation
            was impossible.

What was expected?

Hair knotted beyond recognition.
Bicycle chained to Friday.


Jami Macarty
Copyright © 2011  

Jami Macarty’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Beloit Poetry Journal, Cimarron Review, Volt, Contemporary Verse 2, Drunken Boat, The Fiddlehead, Interim, and Interrupture. She divides her time between the Arizona desert and Vancouver, BC, where she teaches poetry at Simon Fraser University.

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