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Letís not get to know
each other as people.
Not right away.
First letís get to know each other
as political ideologies,
and then as storm troopers of faith,
and then as emotional thugs,
and then as physical thugs,
and then as victims,
and then as excuse-makers,
and then as leash-tuggers,
and then as organ donors,
and then as tail twisters,
and then as insult-hurlers,
and then as mythical beasts,
and then as thought police,
and then as judges,
and then as jailers,
and then as eruptions on the skin of each other,
and then as collapsing muscle and bone,
and then as the dead.


Jesse Minkert
Copyright © 2011  

Jesse Minkert writes short stories, microfiction, novels, and poetry. He founded the non-profit corporation Arts and Visually Impaired Audiences. In 2008, Wood Works Press published a collection of Minkertís microstories and poems titled Shortness of Breath & Other Symptoms. Each summer Minkert teaches radio theater techniques to visually impaired teenagers.

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