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   José Luis Gutiérrez
Two Poems   Sarah J. Sloat
Lightning Strike Kills Woman Just before Marriage   Laura Sobbott Ross
Two Poems   Carol Church
Two Poems  Rick Bursky
The Space Long-distance Occupies   Jami Macarty
Vissi D’Arte  Michael Salcman
Lunacy  Beverly Burch
Reunion  Jesse Minkert
Ecstatic in Blue #51    Darren C. Demaree
1964   Benjamin Cartwright
dissimilar collision   Mercedes Lawry
The Invisible   Karina Borowicz
self portrait 1pm    John Amen
Two Poems   Sara E Lamers
In the Multitude of Mercy   Peggy Aylsworth
Plaka, Athens   Michael Homolka
Shining   Arlene Ang


From the Ether    Sally Ashton, Editor

From the Archives   Ilya Kaminsky, February 2002 Issue

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