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The Kitchen Witch Wanders,

sops up blood
from the counter, shoves

        cumin-smeared thighs
into the maw

of the oven
Can’t get Barks reeling Rumi out
                               of her mind—

            let what we love
            be what we do

Leftover noodles plump
                                 in copper
          pot   flame on high

                    let what we
       love be what we do

       Drawn & quartered
Delicata forgotten

                      lest we love
          what do we be

while yesterday’s gravy
bubbles, clots

into fat & stock
           a fresh roux—

          O what do we do?
We love
         we let be

* * *

A Stain is a Stain, While a Stitch in Time

is a cover-up. A fresh
summer dress and hair swept
just so

enable her to meet
the joys of washing, sewing
knowing she is ready for both

her husband, early from work,
the TV repairman
on his lunchtime call. God

forbid she stitch in anything
less, not nightshirt and holey
panties, Maxwell

Nu-Vu bra, her mind removed
from her sink, her Singer
she’d ease

through the window, appreciate
clouds, how they bruise, squeeze
thought, a drop

against skin, nick
her fingers, draw a bead
of blood on his damned white collar.

Ronda Broatch
Copyright © 2014  

Ronda Broatch is the author of Shedding Our Skins (2008), and Some Other Eden (2005). She has received Pushcart nominations, an Artist Trust GAP Grant, and has been a finalist for the May Swenson Poetry Book Award. Ronda is Co-Editor for Crab Creek Review. In her spare time she photographs birds and poets in their natural habitats.

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