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What it’s really about is that we all want a
secret, an oh, if you only knew me. Because
maybe we’re not just the guy who
eats a cold lunch at his desk and feels it sit cold
in his mouth while he works up the guts
to chew, not just the guy who climbs the
stairwell between office floors just because it
takes longer and there’s time to think about
what else might have happened. Not just the guy
who takes the bus and even the bus gets
stuck in traffic. Maybe he's the guy who turns
to the woman taking up too much seat next to him
and bites down into the shoulder. Oh, sure,
it’d be a life of blood and regret. But at least
the moon might be watching.

David Ebenbach
Copyright © 2014  

David Ebenbach is the author of a chapbook of poetry called Autogeography, two award-winning collections of fiction—Into the Wilderness and Between Camelots—and a non-fiction guide to creativity called The Artist’s Torah. Ebenbach teaches creative writing at Georgetown University. Find out more at

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