Thomas Gillaspy   © 2014 All Rights Reserved

Why Your Signature Is Illegible

To prove your inner child is still in there,
while committing an adult act.

To refuse to wear your name tag
in a different way.

To rebel against the authority police
of cursive letter formation.

To avenge those punished for penmanship
and condemned to handwriting drills.

To pretend to transcribe your name
as if spoken in slurred speech.

To bond with the scaled-down appetite
of the abstract artist.

To tease as if you’re slipping
into a fishnet bodystocking.

To invite others to join the ongoing quest
of deciphering who you are.

To bask in the ‘cool factor’
of the unkempt, the trouser slouch.

To make a secret handshake with yourself.
Because your name can be typed below it.

M. Nasorri Pavone
Copyright © 2014  

This is M. Nasorri Pavones second publication in DMQ Review. Her poetry has also appeared in the Cortland Review, Mudfish, New Letters, Harpur Palate, Green Hills Literary Lantern, and Main Street Rag, with work forthcoming in Quiddity, River Styx, and the Midwest Quarterly. She is a playwright who lives in Venice, California.

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